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throwback thursday: anthropologie holiday window

it's about that time of year where retail windows for the holiday season start popping up. the holiday season is the busiest time of year for retailers, so windows and displays during this time are even more important than normal. i've heard that some retailers spend all year designing and making their holiday displays. that's crazy to think about, isn't it? for my first "throwback thursday" blog post, i thought i'd share the holiday window i did for anthropologie last year, with a little more insight into the design and process.

the idea behind the holiday 2014 windows was to create a whimsical wintry scene involving greenery, snow, and, most importantly, birds! designs at a majority of anthropologie stores ended up being large wreaths that were decorated with handmade fruits, ornaments, and presents. however, the window i was responsible for is very long and narrow, so something round wasn't necessarily going to work in there. we ended up deciding to make an espalier-inspired tree, and the wintry scene was inspired by the twelve days of christmas's most repeated line, "a partridge in a pear tree."

here are some progress shots. everything you see here is made out of paper and fabric! that's not including the real branches that make up the tree trunk, of course (which, yes, we did forage for on our own!). the birds took me an entire week to make, and they're one of my favorite things i ever made while at anthropologie. many hands went into the making of this window - for example, my friend michelle assembled the tree trunk while i installed all the greenery and birds.


we had some greenery and pears left over (it's always good to overprepare!) so we decided to add a little holiday flourish on our logo outside the main entrance.

also, fun fact: i turned this window into my personal christmas card! i did an illustration of it and printed it on cardstock to send holiday messages to my friends and family.

it was a labor of love and i hope sharing this with you has helped you get into the holiday spirit. i'm curious, where have you seen some really cool holiday windows this year? let me know in the comments! :)