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the studio: installation at artomatic 2015

wow, i can't believe it's november already!!! october was an outrageously crazy month for me. i was working on quite a few projects that i'm now going to begin sharing with you, starting here with my installation for artomatic 2015. prepare for some royal blue overload!

artomatic is really wonderful public art program that happens in the dc area every few years. i had wanted to participate in artomatic since i attended the 2012 event in crystal city. when the 2015 event was announced, i was stoked! i immediately signed up along with my boyfriend, jeff, who is a sound designer and composer. we decided to collaborate on an installation, which amazingly is only our first collaboration.

from the beginning i knew i really wanted to do a large scale drawing. i have always been drawn (pun!) to large installations of that nature, especially the work of charlotte mann. i haven't had the opportunity to see her work in person, but just the photographs alone blow me away. so jeff and i talked and we decided to create representation of a room, and we narrowed it down to an artist's studio. hence our title, "the studio."

jeff got to work composing a soundscape that would infinitely loop throughout the exhibit, while i got to work on designing the mural. it was a fun challenge. it unintentionally became an exercise in designing my own little dream studio, which made it even more enjoyable!

we also wanted the installation to be interactive in some way. so we chose four objects in the room that jeff designed unique sounds for. then jeff installed buttons that viewers could press to activate those sounds, thus changing the soundscape and impacting the environment. the typewriter in the photo above is one of the examples. i'm not going to get too into the technical specifics, but for anyone wondering: he used a raspberry pi and programmed it in python.

we're really happy with the results, and hope you can make it out to see it in person! if you want to check it out, along with the work of so many other talented artists, head on over to artomatic 2015: 8100 corporate drive, hyattsville, md. there's a complimentary shuttle to and from the new carrollton metro station. it's FREE, open NOW and until december 12!