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autumn windows at tranquil space

hello there and happy monday! here's another project i worked on in october. i designed and installed a simple autumnal window display at tranquil space yoga studio in dupont circle.

tranquil space is a really special yoga studio. the atmosphere is welcoming, positive, familial, and supportive. the space has an eclectic style, mixing raw brick , patterned wallpaper, old textured wood, and crystal chandeliers. not your typical yoga studio decor! when you first walk in there's a small boutique space, followed by a community area where they provide complimentary tea and cookies. they have multiple studio spaces where all levels of yoga are taught throughout the day. all of these wonderful things made me so excited to be able to work with them.

the ladies who run the yoga studio wanted something warm, inviting, and a nod to fall without using leaves. the available budget was also on the smaller side, so we worked together to figure out a creative solution. i found them some inspiration images of pretty paper garlands, and they loved this direction.

this display combines four paper punches to create the two designs used to make the garlands. i spent one mellow day punching the paper and threading the pieces onto the garland, and only a couple hours installing the window.

the materials are simple, the time investment was minimal, the budget was small, but the impact is BIG.