travel, wanderlust

a new adventure

as some of you already know, i recently left my position at anthropologie to embark on a new adventure. i am spending this hot bright summer traveling with wanderlust yoga festival as their festival experience coordinator. i've been wrangling all decorative accents and props for their classrooms and food & beverage events. the festival season includes six locations in the united states and canada. here are some iphone snaps from the two festivals i already have under my belt: west virginia and vermont. i'm off to aspen, colorado tomorrow for festival #3!

first up are some photos from snowshoe, wv. i did quite a bit of sign painting- two signs each for our ticket and info booth, called the compass, as well as our new true north cafe by toms. for our farm to table dinner, i arranged flowers and curated + styled the decor. (all art designed by ryan lemere)

and here's a couple shots from stratton, vermont. the sunrise on my first day was particularly beautiful (and at 5 am - OY). the second photo is of one of the triangle altars in the yoga classrooms. the triangles were designed and fabricated by michael byrnes, and the decor was styled by me and my partna', sarah. the wood chips are drink tokens! aren't they adorable? i think they'll make cute necklaces at the end of the season! and the last photo is just for a laugh - that was my main mode of transportation (besides my trusty feet) while distributing decor throughout the resort. that's how golf carts are supposed to be used, right?