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wanderlust in aspen

Happy belated Independence Day! I spent my Fourth of July with Wanderlust in the unreal mountains of Aspen-Snowmass. All of the places I've been so far have been beautiful, but Aspen is another animal. I was astounded by the landscape! I was also feeling like a weakling adjusting to the higher altitude, haha. Ascending stairs was definitely a challenge! 

Wanderlust threw an Independence Day barbecue called Charcoal & Hops, which featured locally sourced food and beer. It took place on a hill overlooking lower Snowmass Village, the main stage where Moby was to perform later in the evening, and of course the mountains in the distance. My fearless leader Sarah had the idea to dye seven large painters drop cloths with indigo to act as picnic blankets and a photo booth backdrop. So that's what I did under the night sky in the middle of a gravel lot, with foxes and moles surely scurrying by me. It's an experience that will be difficult to replicate. 

The entire festival went over well! I had some time to kill on my travel day out, so I forked over $20 to ride the gondola and ski lift all the way to the top of Snowmass Mountain. Best $20 I've spent this year! The view was magnificent. It made me sad to leave Aspen. I plan on going back someday. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Squaw Valley, CA! So pumped to see Lake Tahoe for the first time. Ciao. :)