wanderlust in whistler

photo by kaleidoscopa on Instagram

Wanderlust in Whistler, BC was wonderful! It was a very chill festival in a totally gorgeous setting. The mountains there, while not the tallest I've seen this summer, were the MOST EPIC. And the entire village of Whistler was almost like a mini Disney World. The above photo is a great capture of one of our triangles - found via the #wanderlust2015 hashtag on Instagram. If you're interested in seeing a ton more photos from the events, check out that hashtag, as well as #wanderlustfestival and #findyourtruenorth.


Here I am being a total tourist. But come on, how can you not - with that view? BOOM.


On the last day, as a thanks for such a great time, the TAG team took us ziplining! I had never done it before and was admittedly nervous. The zipline there is apparently the highest in the USA and Canada. We were over 600' above the valley on the first two lines. And those two lines were almost a mile long!

I've been home in DC for a week now - which is, crazily, the longest time I've spent in my new apartment since we moved in at the end of May! I leave for the LAST (sad face) Wanderlust on Monday. It has been a great experience and I can't wait to see where we go in the future.