and here we are, 2016!

well hello 2016! that last bit of 2015 went by quickly. i was planning on posting an end-of-year recap, but now that we're five days into the new year it seems kind of silly at this point! however, above are my 9 most popular instagrams of 2015, and it sums up my year pretty well! anthropologie displays, my bjork mini-costume (a personal project), *HANDS* for kate zaremba's photo backdrop for a brightest young things event, the studio from artomatic, a vignette from wanderlust, goofing off with my ukulele on my birthday last year. ;)

 let's get this new year full of goals and and plans of kickass-ness started!

there are so many new fun ventures and pathways that i'm hoping to pursue this year. i don't want to mention them all yet, because they're still taking shape - i'm not quite sure where they're all going to go, or even if they all will be priorities in 2016. however, here are a few things:

1. kick it into high gear with new freelance projects. i want to design a backdrop for your wedding. i want to make a window display for your store. i want to deck out your themed party with awesome decor. got a fun project coming up? i'd love to collaborate!

2. make my website more informative. my portfolio site was a great start for when i left anthropologie in may of last year. however, things have changed quickly and i want to be able to better communicate what kinds of skills i have and services i offer.

3. do more/post more drawings and illustrations. i'm hoping to incorporate some studio art projects into my lineup this year. :)

i hope everyone had a lovely time off during the holidays and hope your 2016 is totally stellar!