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Steadfast Supply

Steadfast Supply, a pop-up retail, co-working, and events space, finally opened in southeast DC last week. The brands and companies currently featured include Matine, DeNada Design, Printed Wild, Marcella Kriebel, Be Clean, Harper Macaw Chocolates, Kelly Towles, and more. The project took many months to organize, and I got involved in the last two of those months. I helped Nathan of Nh.d Studio create the fixture package for the space. That means anything that is displaying a product or acting as a work surface is an element that I touched in some way.

I enjoyed working on Steadfast with Nathan. Nathan did almost all of the building, while I focused mainly on finishing and painting. While he had a solid vision of the space, he was open to collaborative discussions and decisions about certain elements of the design. There was some fluidity to the process, and I appreciated being able to use my design brain a bit. 

I also became a total Frog Tape convert. Sorry, blue tape. Just check out the crispness of the lines on those fixtures and you'll see what I mean.

My favorite pieces in the space are the angular wooden pendant lights that Nathan created. I love how that design element repeats in the cash wrap. I also love the white-dipped circular tables with the copper hairpin legs. I kind of want one for myself...

Steadfast Supply is only open until the end of December, so make sure you stop by before it goes away! It is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10-6 at Arris DC. Check out Steadfast Supply's website for more details. Make sure to follow Steadfast on Instagram at @steadfastsupplydc so you can stay up to date on the latest happenings!

*All photos by Dim Sum Media

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Paper airplane installation at Marriott International HQ

Happy autumn and happy Tuesday!

I've just added a new page for my latest project, which was a very fun interactive installation at Marriott International's headquarters in Bethesda, MD. I created the installation over 3 days with the help of many Marriott employees. Please check out more photos of and more details about the installation right here.

I'm also pleased to announce that Steadfast Supply opened its doors to the public last Friday! I'll be sharing some more photos soon. Steadfast is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10-6 at Arris, right by the Navy Yard in Washington, DC.

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cup display at emporiyum

last weekend in dc provided lots of opportunity for fun at a variety of unique events. one that i was excited to attend AND be involved with was the emporiyum at union market's dock5 space. have you heard of it? it's a market that showcases over 90 vendors of artisan, hand-crafted, small-batch food and beverage products. dude! it was so amazing. i ate and drank myself into complete and utter bliss.

i was so honored to be asked to make a custom display for their giant outdoor tent. my inspiration came from the things we use to eat and drink. how could i turn ubiquitous items like utensils, cups and plates into something beautiful?

i settled on cups and we worked out this idea of "cup clusters." and then the gluing commenced! this display uses 1,333 paper cups, and i hand-painted the interior rims. i chose a warm color palette for the cups and rims that felt festive and versatile but also related to autumn and the upcoming holiday season.

i'm looking to work on more events like the emporiyum, so if you have something coming up, please contact me! i'd love the opportunity to work with you!

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throwback thursday: anthropologie holiday window

it's about that time of year where retail windows for the holiday season start popping up. the holiday season is the busiest time of year for retailers, so windows and displays during this time are even more important than normal. i've heard that some retailers spend all year designing and making their holiday displays. that's crazy to think about, isn't it? for my first "throwback thursday" blog post, i thought i'd share the holiday window i did for anthropologie last year, with a little more insight into the design and process.

the idea behind the holiday 2014 windows was to create a whimsical wintry scene involving greenery, snow, and, most importantly, birds! designs at a majority of anthropologie stores ended up being large wreaths that were decorated with handmade fruits, ornaments, and presents. however, the window i was responsible for is very long and narrow, so something round wasn't necessarily going to work in there. we ended up deciding to make an espalier-inspired tree, and the wintry scene was inspired by the twelve days of christmas's most repeated line, "a partridge in a pear tree."

here are some progress shots. everything you see here is made out of paper and fabric! that's not including the real branches that make up the tree trunk, of course (which, yes, we did forage for on our own!). the birds took me an entire week to make, and they're one of my favorite things i ever made while at anthropologie. many hands went into the making of this window - for example, my friend michelle assembled the tree trunk while i installed all the greenery and birds.


we had some greenery and pears left over (it's always good to overprepare!) so we decided to add a little holiday flourish on our logo outside the main entrance.

also, fun fact: i turned this window into my personal christmas card! i did an illustration of it and printed it on cardstock to send holiday messages to my friends and family.

it was a labor of love and i hope sharing this with you has helped you get into the holiday spirit. i'm curious, where have you seen some really cool holiday windows this year? let me know in the comments! :)

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autumn windows at tranquil space

hello there and happy monday! here's another project i worked on in october. i designed and installed a simple autumnal window display at tranquil space yoga studio in dupont circle.

tranquil space is a really special yoga studio. the atmosphere is welcoming, positive, familial, and supportive. the space has an eclectic style, mixing raw brick , patterned wallpaper, old textured wood, and crystal chandeliers. not your typical yoga studio decor! when you first walk in there's a small boutique space, followed by a community area where they provide complimentary tea and cookies. they have multiple studio spaces where all levels of yoga are taught throughout the day. all of these wonderful things made me so excited to be able to work with them.

the ladies who run the yoga studio wanted something warm, inviting, and a nod to fall without using leaves. the available budget was also on the smaller side, so we worked together to figure out a creative solution. i found them some inspiration images of pretty paper garlands, and they loved this direction.

this display combines four paper punches to create the two designs used to make the garlands. i spent one mellow day punching the paper and threading the pieces onto the garland, and only a couple hours installing the window.

the materials are simple, the time investment was minimal, the budget was small, but the impact is BIG.

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the studio: installation at artomatic 2015

wow, i can't believe it's november already!!! october was an outrageously crazy month for me. i was working on quite a few projects that i'm now going to begin sharing with you, starting here with my installation for artomatic 2015. prepare for some royal blue overload!

artomatic is really wonderful public art program that happens in the dc area every few years. i had wanted to participate in artomatic since i attended the 2012 event in crystal city. when the 2015 event was announced, i was stoked! i immediately signed up along with my boyfriend, jeff, who is a sound designer and composer. we decided to collaborate on an installation, which amazingly is only our first collaboration.

from the beginning i knew i really wanted to do a large scale drawing. i have always been drawn (pun!) to large installations of that nature, especially the work of charlotte mann. i haven't had the opportunity to see her work in person, but just the photographs alone blow me away. so jeff and i talked and we decided to create representation of a room, and we narrowed it down to an artist's studio. hence our title, "the studio."

jeff got to work composing a soundscape that would infinitely loop throughout the exhibit, while i got to work on designing the mural. it was a fun challenge. it unintentionally became an exercise in designing my own little dream studio, which made it even more enjoyable!

we also wanted the installation to be interactive in some way. so we chose four objects in the room that jeff designed unique sounds for. then jeff installed buttons that viewers could press to activate those sounds, thus changing the soundscape and impacting the environment. the typewriter in the photo above is one of the examples. i'm not going to get too into the technical specifics, but for anyone wondering: he used a raspberry pi and programmed it in python.

we're really happy with the results, and hope you can make it out to see it in person! if you want to check it out, along with the work of so many other talented artists, head on over to artomatic 2015: 8100 corporate drive, hyattsville, md. there's a complimentary shuttle to and from the new carrollton metro station. it's FREE, open NOW and until december 12!

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fly-by september...

hello there! wow, this month started out slow but picked up really quickly. i'm thankful for that. everyday i'm learning new lessons about being a freelance artist and designer. there is so much to balance - current work vs. future work, creativity vs. business, marketing vs. creating, and more. it's been really rewarding.

i picked up my paintbrushes and started a personal painting practice for the first time in i don't know how long. the painting i'm working on is not quite done - so i'm not sharing it yet - but let's just say i was inspired by all the tomatoes we harvested from our garden. :)

last week was a crazy non-stop ride. i worked full days from last saturday to this friday. saturday and sunday i worked for wanderlust - their 108 event came to dc! i prototyped a decorative covering for these water tanks they use as weights for the yogaslackers. not sure if we're gonna go through with it but it was still a fun project!

then on monday i started working with swatchroom. they're a design and fabrication firm located in the shaw neighborhood of dc. i'm going to be doing some finishing work for them on a freelance basis! finishing, at least this week, means anything inbetween spray painting a traffic stoplight and helping distress a bright red hardwood floor with rocks. i may have the opportunity to work on some murals, which really excites me!

and yesterday i made my way over to union market to check out crafty bastards! i meant to go last year, but i ended up working on the sabra hummus project. (which was totally awesome!) this year, my calendar was open. i saw so many local and national makers, artists and curators. i picked up a few things of my own.

the test print is from the wild wander co., the "aimless wandering" print is from snarky scouts, and the earrings are from bird of virtue. how funny is that merit badge? she uses actual vintage girl scout and boy scout patches and turns them into new "awards."

well, these next few weeks are going to be pretty intense. i'm working on proposals for a couple projects, as well as continuing to work for swatchroom. whew! what does your october look like? let me know in the comments!

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wanderlust in aspen

Happy belated Independence Day! I spent my Fourth of July with Wanderlust in the unreal mountains of Aspen-Snowmass. All of the places I've been so far have been beautiful, but Aspen is another animal. I was astounded by the landscape! I was also feeling like a weakling adjusting to the higher altitude, haha. Ascending stairs was definitely a challenge! 

Wanderlust threw an Independence Day barbecue called Charcoal & Hops, which featured locally sourced food and beer. It took place on a hill overlooking lower Snowmass Village, the main stage where Moby was to perform later in the evening, and of course the mountains in the distance. My fearless leader Sarah had the idea to dye seven large painters drop cloths with indigo to act as picnic blankets and a photo booth backdrop. So that's what I did under the night sky in the middle of a gravel lot, with foxes and moles surely scurrying by me. It's an experience that will be difficult to replicate. 

The entire festival went over well! I had some time to kill on my travel day out, so I forked over $20 to ride the gondola and ski lift all the way to the top of Snowmass Mountain. Best $20 I've spent this year! The view was magnificent. It made me sad to leave Aspen. I plan on going back someday. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Squaw Valley, CA! So pumped to see Lake Tahoe for the first time. Ciao. :)